Anemone eating a horseshoe crab

A Dogface puffer in an excited state

Sometimes puffers inflate for no apparent reason. Do not try to force them to inflate. They will stop eating and starve to death.

Harlequin Shrimp only eat starfish for their diet.  Watch 2 shrimp play tug o’war over a chocolate chip starfish.

This is a 20 inch Banded Cat Shark with his tail in his mouth. He has done this several times.

I have seen many symbiotic relationships over the years. But this has to be the strangest one ever. The domino damsel lives in the fins of the lion fish. 

(I tried to lighten the photograph so the color his off)

Symbiotic crab that lives on the skin of a black sea cucumber.

This is the business end of a black sea cucumber eating sand. These will eat flat worms too.

A neon blue legged hermit crab riding the shell

of a red hairy legged hermit crab.

An orange linkia starfish UP for a walk.


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