Our store policy:

Loaner equipment has a minimum $10 charge plus a deposit equal to the retail value of the item on loan.

A $35/hr. installation and/or repair charge (minimum 1 hour) applies to any and all equipment of any type not purchased at Seahorse Aquarium Supply.

Any equipment and/or livestock left at Woody’s Seahorse Aquarium & Supply for any reason will become property of Woody’s Seahorse Aquarium & Supply after 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made.  We will not replace or financially compensate for the loss of any livestock or equipment left in our care.

Fabrication and installation of any and all equipment at Woody’s Seahorse Aquarium & Supply is completed to our highest standards.  Because we cannot control the use (or misuse) of the same equipment, Woody’s Seahorse Aquarium & Supply is not responsible for any damages or injuries, directly or indirectly, associated with the equipment use and/or failure for any reason.   

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