Moving Your Aquarium

Moving is basically simple but extremely time consuming.
Step 1:  Plan ahead as much as possible. Line up jugs, totes, buckets, water, etc.  It will take a full day and part of the night.

Step 2:  To have clean water to transport things siphon water into buckets and bags for use later.  This drains the sump if you have one.  Start removing corals, rock, and easily caught animals.  When the last of the rock is removed start catching fish and mobil inverts.   Depending on how much water is left in the tank you use it to wash the gravel / sand.  Water could be split into portions to allow several washes.  With about 2 inches of water in the tank stir up the substrate and quickly siphon off the crap.  When siphoning from the tank, if you dig a hole in the gravel in a corner and siphon there, the water leaving will pull a lot of sediment.  Repeat several times.

Step 3:  If you have a glass tank remove the substrate before moving the tank.  With acrylic tanks you can leave the substrate if it’s not to heavy or you have a plenum. Otherwise remove the substrate.

Step 4:  Transport everything. If you have to make multiple trips then take stand, tank, substrate, livestock and everything else in that order.  Set up that order.  Be sure the stand is level.  Now is the time to install a plenum. See Aquarium Setup Refill the aquarium with new saltwater, your rock and corals then quickly acclimate fish and inverts.  Start up the filter system etc 

We have 3 great addatives to use especially after a tank  move.  Coral Snow will keep your water crystal clear, Pohl’s Extra will make your corals open beautifully and Coral Vitalizer to open coral polyps for feeding 

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