Fish Facts

Fighting Ick: SEE Disease Chart
 DO NOT Raise the temperature of your tank to fight ick if there are fish or corals in the tank. It stresses the fish even more and reduces oxygen levels. Raising the temperature will speed the life cycle of ick and should be used only in empty tanks. It won't hurt live rock by itself.   

They are not harmed by parasites but medications that kill parasites can kill them. Remove them from the tank before treating your other fish with copper. Eels with sharp pointed faces are much more agressive than those with rounded faces. Most eels are morays by the way.

Linkias and Tile stars require salty water for best survival. 1.023 – 1.025.  Their limbs or legs do not use muscles to bend their bodies.  They use hydraulics – moving fluids to bend.  Exposure to air can harm them too.  Transfer under water.  Use special acclamation
    SEE Dripline Plus

Ribbon eels – impossible to feed – escape easily

Sea Apples – Poisons water when dead and when stressed
Medusa Worms – Same as sea apples
Basket/feather starfish – too sensitive
Moorish Idols – won’t survive long
Large/adult angelfish – won’t eat
Box fish and Cow fish – same as sea apples

Red Sea vs Indo-Pacific Sailfin Tangs – What’s the Difference?
The stripes on the Red Sea go from the body up into the “sailfin” where as with Indo tangs, the stripes fade.

Snails are sensitive to Hydrogen Sulfide and Nitrites
If your snails all die suddenly, it is probably due to adding uncured live rock to your tank. Anerobic bacteria produce H2S, Hydrogen sulfide – the rotten egg smell – which is very poisonous. Adding snails to a new tank too soon can have the same fate.  See Research and discoveries

Feather Dusters
They are classified as a tube worm that uses its “feathers” for eating and breathing. Occasionally they drop their head but a new one will regenerate in a week or two. Sometimes they even leave their tube and grow a new one. If you carefully feel the bottom of their tube, you can cut off the end before planting them in the rock or gravel. Within a couple hours they will seal their tube and themselves in place

Snails are ultra sensitive to Copper
If you’re wondering if copper is present in a system, use a snail.  If a snail lives 24 hours there’s no copper.  If he dies within 24 hours consider how long it took.  The shorter the time, the greater the copper concentration..  Consider a second test checking each hour.  Systems that once had copper will lose it through water changes and time. Snails are more sensitive than any test kit available.

Moorish Idols / Heniochus
These and other Bannerfish cannot be treated with quinine or formaldehyde. It is lethal to them.  Moorish Idols are 100% going to die in captivity

Tank raised Peppermint Shrimp
Have been known to eat S.P.S. corals while the wild ones are very safe

Mandarin and Spotted Target Gobys
Reported by one of my customers – try feeding them bloodworms. Cyclop-Eeze is another good food.  They are best avoided unless you have a larger reef tank that’s at least 6 months old.

Blue Tangs
AKA Hippo Tangs, Pacific Blue Tangs, Regal Tangs
They are very sensitive to nitrates. Acclimate very slowly using the drip method. Tangs in general cannot tolerate high nitrate levels.  They also like to hide by sliding sideways under rocks.

Box fish / Cow fish / Puffers
Do not treat diseases with copper.  Feed them lots of garlic and Marine Max. Box fish and cow fish can toxify a tank under stress and kill other fish.  Dead puffers can poison your tank after death.

Do not feed them bloodworms. They are too rich for their diet. Most triggers are vegetarians not carnivores.

Trachyphyllia vs Wellsophyllia 
Welso’s technically no longer exist as a classification but they are what we call Round Green (and/or Red) Brains.
Trach’s are standard red or green brains.  
The difference is the skeleton.  Trach’s are shaped like a figure 8 and Welso’s are round.  
Now days both are classified as trach’s.

Do not feed Puffers exclusively Krill
A Puffer’s jaw will literally lock because of a lack of vitamins and the fish is unable to eat .  There isn’t any cure that I know of.  Euthanize by putting the fish in the freezer
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