Take a look at our unique lighting and filtration installation setups.

Our filtration is accomplished by a particle filter (100 Micron) and a Venturi protein skimmer [an excellent older style now replaced with needle wheel skimmers]. Ammonia breakdown is done by live rock instead of bioballs which increase nitrates. The air valve for the skimmer is mounted on the front side of the sump for easy reach. Sumps are custom made to meet your requirements.  This is an older style setup because socks have been replaced by 25 to 50 micron felt sheets which are cheaper, faster to change, easier to wash and last years longer.  If you’re serious about growing corals growing, metal halide and VHO are still the best.  When LED lighting for corals improves I’ll let you know.

There is nothing more annoying than working in the dark. In the upper corners of each door is a switch that turns on an under cabinet fluorescent light when the door is opened. One or all doors can be switched.

This is under a 60 gallon tank.

Lighting is metal halide and VHO with independent timers.

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