Feeding Fish, Corals, and Other Creatures.

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Every other day is best  Overfeeding kills more tanks than you realize. Whatever you feed your fish, eaten or not, ends up as waste in your tank. Take a days portion of food and let it set overnight in a cup and smell it the next day. You’ll see what I mean. Think how much waste is in the tank after a month, a year, or more.
All waste goes through the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate cycle. By-products also include phosphates.

Fish in the wild have an endless source of food. In your tank, what they receive daily comes from what you feed and what they can find in the tank. The more live rock the more natural foods exist. Offer them assorted foods. Some fish may not eat everything put in the tank. Different dealers use different foods so you may need to buy the fishes favorite food at the time you buy the fish. Have the shop owner feed the fish you want to buy. Even if they have been fed minutes before, if they are healthy they will eat more. If they don’t eat – don’t buy.
Things you can feed your fish.
Nori (sushi wrappers)
Fresh, live seaweeds
Brine – live and frozen
Mysis shrimp – frozen
Silversides – frozen
Fish eggs – frozen
Clams, squid – frozen or fresh
There are other products too.
Garlic Extreme is a great apatite stimulant.

Feeding corals is not a necessity but they do much better when you do. They eat size specific food – large polyps eat large food like mysis, brine , arcti-pods. SPS corals like phytoplankton. Turn off circulation so that they can grab food and hold on to it.

Mushrooms…………………….really don’t need food
Brains, cynarinas, bubbles……brine, arcti-pods,
Zooanthids, gorgonians……..brine, oyster feast, roti-feast
Frogspawns, hammers,
torches,elegance, plates……brine , arcti-pods
Ricordias……………………….brine, arcti-pods, oyster feast, roti-feast

Acroporas, montiporas,sps… phytoplankton, oyster feast, roti-feast
Colt, sinularia, leathers,
lemnalia, tunicates……………like acros
Star polyps……………………nothing

DO NOT FEED ANEMONES SALAD SHRIMP. They are cooked and it’s like feeding them rubber. Offer them very small amounts of krill, silversides, brine shrimp, clams or mysid shrimp. All food must very thinly sliced or mashed between your fingers. Feed 1 or 2 times per week if you want to. Strong lighting is more important  Should the anemone host a clown, the clown should feed the anemone. Do not overfeed.

Eels can be difficult to start to eat. I have had an eel go 3 months before starting. They have poor eyesight so putting their food on a stick is best. Favorite eel foods include krill, large silversides, tiger prawns, squid, and sand shrimp.  Garlic is a great apatite stimulant

Lions and other fish that like live foods can be trained to eat frozen. It’s much better and easier. Use the same foods as eels. Coaxing with food on a stick and making frozen look like it is alive is the trick. Fish learn from tank mates what is good to eat. You may have to start with live mysids, live sand shrimp or live goldfish/guppies but work hard to get them to eat frozen. Frozen guppies/goldfish can be used to transition from live foods.  Garlic is a great apatite stimulant

Puffers, when fed exclusively or mainly krill, can survive several months to a year before it suddenly stops eating. Often symptoms such as “lock jaw” are seen. Once this develops, reversal/cure is dismal. The krill diet leads to a mineral / vitamin deficiency which causes organ damage.

Clams are very photosynthetic and filter feed. It is best to keep them under metal halide lighting.

Rule 8: FEEDING MANDARIN GOBYS (dragonets)
These are super difficult to keep. Large, old tanks with lots of copepods are best. They like live brine  . Leave to the very experienced.

They have poor eyesight so putting their food on a stick is best. Favorite shark foods include krill, large silversides, tiger prawns, squid, and sand shrimp. Newborn sharks really like fresh frozen squid tentacles.  Sharks grow fast.

Hermits, snails, crabs, shrimp, feather dusters and others are scavengers. Don’t feed them on purpose.

Believe it or not
In Germany they are feeding their fish bananas. We have tried it and fish do love their fruit. Tiny pieces the size of pencil erasers are the best.

If you have further questions, email me and I’ll add to the pages.


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