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Woody’s Seahorse¬†Aquarium & Supply was started in 1996 with the specific goal of providing the best of all your saltwater needs at the best prices. ¬† We offer our customers advice to the best of our knowledge and we are willing to spend time to personally teach you the hobby. ¬† We test all products and we sell only those that truly work. ¬† We hold livestock until it’s eating and ready to move into your aquarium. We also do not import species that have little or no survival rate. Our livestock is kept under the best possible conditions and our corals under the best lighting for each species.

Our many products and services include:

  • Purified fresh water TDS=0
  • Premixed saltwater with Crystal Sea Salt¬† 1.023-1.024
  • 5 Gallon Jugs
  • Saltwater fish
  • Inverts
  • Live rock from Fiji and Haiti
  • Buy, sell and trade Coral
  • Buy, sell and trade new and used equipment
  • Dry base rock
  • Aquarium related plumbing supplies (i.e. Bulk heads,¬†plastic clamps, etc)
  • Aragonite, bright white sand
  • VHO, Metal Halide, LED, Power Compact, T5 Lighting & Bulbs
  • Tank Maintenance and cleaning services
  • Custom Acrylic work and repairs
  • Fish and coral food and supplements
  • Coconut Carbon
  • Pumps and skimmers
  • Filtration socks and pads
  • Custom made plenums
  • Equipment and lighting repairs
  • Crystal Sea Salt Mix
  • Acrylic hole drilling free
  • Glass hole drilling coming soon – ask


Over our many years we have been:

  • Interviewed by National Geographic and Pet Age Magazine
  • Supplier of Crystal Sea Salt for the Newport Aquarium when ocean water¬†is unavailable
  • Consultant for European users of Crystal Sea
  • Supplier of Crystal Sea to the University of Portland
  • Supplier of Crystal Sea to OHSU
  • Aquarium equipment insurance claims adjuster

If you have suggestions or information to share, by all means, please send it to us. We like to learn as much as teach.

We are a large scientific research lab here in Portland using freshwater zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model organism to study synaptic electrophysiology and neurogenetics. Our recirculating system houses several thousand zebrafish in over 200 tanks. We also raise zebrafish from larval stages (about the size of a fruit fly) up to adulthood. Even though these are a freshwater species, they require some dissolved salts in their water for optimal health and osmoregulation and to discourage parasites. With our large system and ~10% daily water change, we go through salt fairly quickly. We additionally use marine salts in the culturing of brine shrimp and marine rotifers, two of our main fish foods. After investigating available commercial marine salts, we settled on Crystal Sea (article) as the best choice for our system. Rather than pay shipping on multiple 50lbs. boxes of salt every few months, we sought a local supplier who could deal in large quantities. Seahorse Aquarium Supply was recommended by a co-worker. Woody has been great, always accommodating our needs, and his price on Crystal Sea saves us hundreds on shipping costs every year.

OHSU Brehm Lab

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